PK’s Sunday

blessed Sunday chaos

getting the preacher’s

whole family to church

not on time, much earlier

honking instead of bells

mom running in her dress

then turning around once more

to fetch snacks for those

who missed breakfast

testing the preacher’s

virtue of patience

he’ll repent later

the benches, balcony

pulpit, communion table

a familiar playground

Say hello to…

Organise the song-books

smiling, greeting

part of the welcoming act

a host in the holy place

by default

then the main act

prayers, hymns, peace

what we came for

afterwards, waiting

for the last, eager faithful

on the curb with a pack

of sunflower seeds

from the corner store

Daddy let’s go!

he’ll just get a book

from his office

this time the whole family

already in the car

this time the preacher testing us

we’ll repent later

it’s time to host lunch